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  • First of all, the job of creating the rhino was superb. Many people could not believe that is was an inflatable. A credit to your creative staff.
    Kevin E. Gilhuly
    Kevin E. GilhulyArmstrong Tire Company
  • And it was very successful! Our event generated a ton of press as well as an incredible amount of industry attention. When it was all over, Merlin achieved some of the highest ratings in history for a mini-series during its time frame.
    John E. Roush
    John E. RoushGEROMINO Promotional Marketing
  • The Virginia Lottery cold-air inflatable was designed in the shape of a large arch and displayed the lottery logo.
    Mikki Cunningham
    Mikki CunninghamCommonwealth of Virginia
  • Without a doubt, the frog is a remarkable memorable merchandising vehicle; everyone in the high-tech industry knows the frog.
    Harold S. Rhodes
    Harold S. RhodesCharles River Data Systems, Inc.
  • Several of our bottlers have tied the Giant Inflatables into their local activities, and the feedback is always positive. These inflatable Coke cans pay for themselves immediately.
    Darryl Vaughns
    Darryl VaughnsNew York Account Group
  • Several of our distributors have reported that volume increased so much that they have to temporarily install a second Slush Puppie machine at an account when the inflatable is used.
    Rick Cirillo
    Rick CirilloSlush Puppie Corporation
  • This company brings to us expertise and creativity in the area of Point Of Sale Inflatables.
    Robert Hamlin
    Robert HamlinDr Pepper Company