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Walkabout Costumes

Win Over Fans While

Promoting Your Brand On Foot!


Create Hands On Involvement With Your Brand

Easy to use with self-contained “air conditioning”

Engages With Social Sharing

Light Weight and Easy To Transport

Add fun and attention to any event

Custom branded messaging

Create engaging experiences with Inflatable Walkabout Costumes! Realistic, entertaining inflatable costumes can walk, talk, sing and dance. These inflatable characters are totally self-contained, have their own power supply, and can go anywhere. Inflatable Walkabout Costumes command attention and create brand impact at grand openings, fairs, special events, and trade shows

More Info

  • Constructed of durable vinyl or soft plush
  • Gather crowds at store openings and new product introductions
  • Create a 3D realistic duplication of a product or company mascot
  • Add fun and attention at sales meetings and trade shows