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Event Structures

Find out how our 3D custom inflatable structures can create the ultimate gathering place BIG enough for all of your fans!


Dominate Events

Create Involvement With Your Brand

Great Value

Engages With Social Sharing

Light Weight and Easy To Transport

Make your next event even more EPIC by going BIGGER!

Dominate your indoor footprint and outdoor events & activations with 3D Inflatable Tents, Inflatable Pavilions, Inflatable Arches and Inflatable Kiosks. These over the top highlighters are the next generation in special event marketing. Stock or custom designs can be created to work with your budget and promotion objectives.

More Info

  • Drive foot traffic
  • Enhance experiential efforts
  • Attract attendees and engage your audience instantly
  • Quickly and easily elevate your branding
  • Amplify your event sponsorship investment
  • Steal the spotlight with your BIG footprint