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Custom 3D Creations

Make a BIG impression with dramatic impact and increased brand presence through use of giant inflatables, interactive inflatables, inflatable products or characters! It’s no wonder that whenever there’s a Custom 3D Giant Inflatable at an event or promotion there’s a social media STORM!

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Interactive Games

Designed and built for commercial use, Bigger Than Life’s Inflatable Games ensure that your event is filled with fun and excitement for people of all ages! Single or multi-person games, obstacle courses, bungee runs, giant slides, and bouncies are just a few examples of our Inflatable Interactive Games.

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POS/Sealed Inflatables

Sealed Inflatables are the ultimate Display Beacon by adding the hottest 3D component to your next promotional display, At Retail (Point Of Sale Marketing) display, store promotion, or premium giveaway. These 3D masterpieces can be integrated with corrugated standees, chip board danglers, sound, and LED’s. Perfect for short term promotions, these promotional inflatables reinforce print, radio and television advertising at the point of purchase (either indoors or outdoors), and generate immediate image recognition and brand awareness.

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Event Structures

Dominate your indoor footprint and outdoor events & activations with 3D Inflatable Tents, Inflatable Pavilions, Inflatable Arches and Inflatable Kiosks. These over the top Gathering Places are the next generation in special event marketing and are perfect for special events, trade shows and mroe. The Bigger Than Life team can work within your budget and promotion objectives to create the ultimate Gathering Place.

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portable inflatable billboard
inflatable costumes
inflatable billboard extension

Eclipse Blip Branding Program

Expand your marketing and event activations with the portable inflatable signs using the Eclipse Blip Branding Program! Unlike traditional Out Of Home (OOH) media—where your message is where the billboard was constructed, Bigger Than Life offers messaging locations through the Eclipse Blip Branding Program tailored to your campaign needs and budget.

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Walkabout Costumes

Win over fans while promoting your brand on foot. Realistic, entertaining inflatable costumes can walk, talk, sing and dance. These inflatable characters are totally self-contained, have their own power supply, and can go anywhere. Inflatable Walkabout Costumes offer ease of use, small shipping sizes, and “air conditioning” as part of their benefits when compared with traditional costumes.

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Inflatable 3D Billboard Extensions

Make your Out Of Home (OOH) Media program out of this world with Inflatable 3D Billboard Extensions. Inflatable 3D Billboard Extensions go beyond the standard billboard rectangle by creating HUGE impact and consumer excitement. Inflatable 3D Billboard Extensions are easier to install and less expensive to ship than traditional billboard extensions.

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