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Giant Hot Air Balloon Inflatables for Bush Gardens

Giant Hot Air Balloon Inflatables for Bush Gardens
custom inflatable design

Giant Illuminated Hot Air Balloon shaped inflatables. Another Successful Inflatable Promotion…

Project Description:

Four Giant Hot Air Balloon shaped inflatables ranging in size from 15-ft. tall to 22-ft. tall. They were equipped with internal lighting for Illuminights: A Busch Gardens Encore

Promotion Objectives:

  • To create an inviting backdrop to the 56 night summer event at Busch Gardens
  • To make the park guest aware of the festivities going on at the park
  • To serve as a “landmark” for spectators

Results Achieved:

  • The four inflatables were displayed from June 28 through August 22 and were viewed by thousands of park visitors
  • Giant Inflatable Hot Air balloon shapes were effective as part of the park-wide celebration
  • The inflatable’s internal lighting system aided in “creating a whole new park after dark” and left a lasting impression


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