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Construction & Durability

  • Are your inflatable advertising balloons waterproof?
    Most of the materials used are waterproof. However, in the “sewn construction” of the Large Cold Air Giant Inflatables, the stitch holes will leak if exposed to rain or other moisture. If necessary, the material can be “welded” to provide a watertight surface. The Sealed Inflatables are waterproof, and in some cases may be used in swimming pools, etc.    
  • How long can inflatable advertising balloons remain inflated?
    Large Cold Air Giant Inflatables can remain inflated for months on end - as long as the inflation fan remains running. Sealed Inflatables, in a protected environment, can remain inflated for years! Your actual use, climate, and inflatable design will determine just how long you may keep your inflatable alive.  
  • Is there a warranty?
    All of our inflatables are covered by warranties that are the best in the business. Different product types have different warranties.  
  • How long do your inflatable advertising balloons last?
    With care and maintenance, inflatable Balloons can be used for years. Bigger Than Life Advertising has some Large Cold Air Giant Inflatables that have been used hundreds of times over a ten-year period.  
  • What are your inflatable advertising balloons made of?
    In general our Giant Cold Air Inflatables are made of vinyl-coated nylon varying in weight from 7 oz. per square yard to 18 oz. per square yard. Sealed Inflatables are generally made of extruded PVC in various thicknesses. Hot Air Balloon Shapes and Helium Inflatables use a nylon fabric with special coating.  

Design Process

  • What are the art requirements to create an inflatable?
  • How many do I have to buy?
    Large Cold Air Giant Inflatables, Large Hot Air Giant Balloon Shapes, and Helium Inflatables can be ordered in quantities as small as (1) unit. Sealed Inflatables have minimum quantity requirements from 100 to 1000 pieces, depending on the size, shape, and artwork complexity of the product.  
  • How long does it take to get my inflatable advertising balloon?
    General order time for Large Cold Air Giant Inflatables, Large Hot Air Giant Balloon Shapes, and most Helium Inflatables is six to eight weeks. Rush orders can usually be accommodated. Large inflatables, or projects requiring custom ordered fabrics, may take longer. Sealed Inflatables generally take about 60 to 75 days from the approval of the pre-production sample.  
  • How do I get my product made into an inflatable?
    Supply us with a product sample, photographs, or drawings to get started. We'll eventually need art specs, like PMS colors and your artwork and logo. Please refer to the separate section on “Artwork Requirements” for a full listing of the materials required.  
  • I’m interested, but don’t know what I want. How can you help?
    No problem! We have an in-house design staff that will work with you and your BTL Account Executive to design an inflatable that will work for you and your budget.  


  • Why should I purchase my inflatable from Bigger Than Life Advertising?
    The staff and management of Bigger Than Life Advertising have been designing and producing Giant Inflatables since 1980 - over 30 years! In addition, our company has been designing and importing Sealed Inflatables since 1990. Together our sales, management and manufacturing team have produced more inflatables for more Fortune 500 customers than anyone else. Experience makes the difference
  • What does the term “Cold Air” mean?
    Actually “ambient air” would be more accurate, but “cold air” is used to differentiate earth-bound products from “hot air” balloons.
  • What is the difference between a “Cold Air Giant Inflatable”, a “Sealed Inflatable”, a “Hot Air Balloon Shape Inflatable”, and a Helium Inflatable?
    A Large Cold Air Giant Inflatable is inflated by a continuously running fan. Large Cold Air Giant Inflatables are extremely reliable and offer the most realistic shapes available, as well as the largest sizes. Sealed Inflatables are inflated by mouth, foot pump, or electric inflator. Sealed Inflatables may remain inflated for years, but are susceptible to leaks due to punctures. A Hot Air Balloon shaped inflatable is simply a Giant Cold Air Inflatable manufactured in the distinctive shape of a hot air balloon. These are great for high visibility - usually on rooftops - on a small budget. Helium Inflatables are designed to “float” in either a fixed location (over a parking lot or trade-show booth, for example), or to be used in parades. Helium inflatables tend to be more expensive and less reliable than Cold Air inflatable Giants.  


  • How do you apply the graphics or printing?
    Each type of inflatable requires different artwork applications, including large format digital printing, 4-color process or spot color silk-screen, and fabric appliqués.
  • What kind of power source do I need?
    Most Large Cold Air Giant Inflatables operate on typical household current, although some larger Giant inflatables have special power requirements. Sealed Inflatables can be inflated by mouth, a simple hand pump, or an electric inflator, similar to those used to inflate blow-up beds.  
  • How long does it take to set up an Giant inflatable? How many people does it take?
    Most Large Cold Air Giant Inflatable designs can be fully installed in 45 minutes or less, depending on the location, with two people. Actual inflation normally takes 15 minutes or less. Sealed Inflatables can normally be inflated in 15 minutes or less, by one person. Installation time for Hot Air Balloon Shapes and Helium Inflatables depend greatly upon the size, design, use and installation venue, but can normally be installed in an hour or less. The number of people required varies from one to a crew of six or more for a large helium parade inflatable.